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mardi 18 septembre 2007

La SRCM Shahjahanpur accuse...

(Dernière actualisation : 21 janvier 2008)

Document extrait du website de la SRCM de Shahjahanpur aujourd'hui disparu (juin 2007)


  1. Shri Ram Chandra ji Maharaj also called Babuji takes over from His Guru Lalaji Maharaj in 1931 at the age of 32 and a half years.
  2. Sermons from Shri Ram Chandraji’s Guru Lalaji Maharaj that his successor shall be from His family as per Babuji’s diary dated 24.7.1944. – Proofs available
  3. Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj establishes Society Shri Ram Chandra Mission as Shahjahanpur, U.P. as headquarters on 21.7.1945. – Proofs available
  4. Constitution of Mission stating that the Successor Representative to be in direct line of succession - Proofs available
  5. In 1974, Babuji was hospitalized in Vivekananda Hospital, Lucknow.
  6. Will of Babuji stating some blank papers signed missing.
  7. Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari of Chennai removed from the post of General Secretary in 1981 – Proofs available
  8. Letter of P. Rajagopalachari to Babuji admitting that he is devoid of spirituality – Proofs available on site.
  9. Letter of nomination of Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena, S/o Babuji as his successor President as per constitution of the Mission – Proofs available on site.
  10. Last letter of Babuji stating attempts to kill by Chari and expecting another attempt on his life.- Proofs available on site. (This letter confirms that nomination to his son Umesh Chandra Saxena seems to be issued)
  11. From September 6th 1982 to April 19, 1983 long hospitalization of Babuji at Delhi in AIIMS and Klinic Helvetia.
  12. Mahasamadhi of Babuji on 19.4.1983.(Left his physical body on this day)
  13. Claim of P. Rajagopalachari as his successor President showing a document. – Proofs available on site.
  14. as nomination dated 23.3.1974 and covering letter dated 19.3.1974
  15. Contents of nomination of Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari states that it is not for presidentship of Shri Ram Chandra Mission.
    • Working Committee Meeting and General Body meetings held on 6th, 7th and 8th February 1984 where Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena was approved as President based on genuine nomination letter and Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari letter stated as forged. – Proofs available on site.
    • In retaliation, Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari forcibly takes over ashram at Hyderabad and occupies Chennai Ashram
    • In 1984-85 forcibly captures ashrams at Visakhapatnam, Nellore and Vadodara.

  16. Chari goes to court in 1983. Trial court rejects his plea for presidentship
  17. Goes to High Court and gets the order of being President. Hon’ble Supreme Court of India refrains Chari from alienating any property and orders trial court to decide within six months. - Proofs available
  18. Court of Shahjahanpur orders – verification of the document of Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari and expert verdicts it to be forged. Proof available
  19. Law of U.P. changes in 1984 – Elections became mandatory in Societies in U.P. Based on which Dr. S.P. Srivastava was elected President to avoid dispute and disintegration of society. – Proofs available
  20. In 1988 Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari and his associates (A.P. Dorai, now retired D.G. Police of Karnataka) forcibly enter Ashram, break opens locks Case pending at Hon. High Court at Allahabad. – Proofs available
  21. In 1990, 1991 SDM Sadar approves the elected office bearers at headquarters, Shahjahanpur represented by Dr. S. P. Srivastava – Proofs available
  22. In 1991, Charis men capture Delhi and Moradabad ashrams.
  23. In 1994, Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena again takes over as elected President. – Proofs available
  24. In 1997, Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari and his associates were charged u/s 498 by District Administration for trying to attack the Ashram, Shahjahanpur headquarters.
  25. During 1996-97 attempts on the life of Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena done.
  26. In 1999, a report of Naib Tehsidar issued based on enquiry by SDM Sadar in a proceedings conducted u/s 25 of the Societies Registration Act, stating Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena as President and Shri K.V. Reddy as Secretary of the Society - Proofs available
  27. In 1999, Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena filed appeal for declaring himself to be president of Society against Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari.
  28. The said appeal was dismissed thereafter challenged before Hon. Supreme Court of India, wherein order granted in favour of Petitioners at preliminary stage and thereafter the SLP converted to Civil Appeal 6619/2000 of which decision is still pending. – Proofs available on net.
  29. In 1999-2000, FCRA issues notices regarding filing of two returns of one society Shri Ram Chandra Mission. Reply submitted by elected President Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena. – Proofs available letter dated 14.6.2000 Proofs available
  30. Enquiry sets up against Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari by FCRA.
  31. P. Rajagopalachari again acting against the rules of the Society by misleading the U.P. Government took loan from the Governor of Uttar Pradesh of Rs.10.00 lakhs and Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh of Rs.21 lakhs.
  32. Received news of threat of life of Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena around 15th October 2003.
  33. Sudden demise of Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena on 3.11.2003 (Went walking to the hospital lay down on the bed on his own but doctor’s report states that Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena arrived with no pulse !!!!).
  34. On 4.11.2003, Shri Navneet Kumar Saxena is elected as President u/s 3A(4) and Section 4 of the Societies Registration Act 1860 – Proofs available
  35. Letters sent to Chief Secretary, Uttar Pradesh regarding chances of attacks by Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari group on 5.11.2003. Proofs available
  36. Soon after the death of Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena, on 14.11.2003, Shri Puneet Kumar Saxena was threatened on his way to Shahjahanpur from Delhi and a truck came and hit his car head on completely damaged the car thereby.
  37. Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari group headed by his alleged Secretary Uma Shankar Bajpai, Amarjit Singh (now MLA of Samajvadi Party), sitting and retired IAS officers on attacks ashram at headquarters on 7.11.2003 in order to capture it – Proofs available
  38. District Magistrate Shahjahanpur pressurizes supervisor grade employee of ashram at headquarters to sing on an illegal arrangement on 8.11.2003 and signed by Shri Kishan Tandon from Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari’s side to allow to enter the Ashram on Sundays between 10.00 AM and 12.00 noon. (under pressure of more than 10 IAS officers sitting and retired, sitting in the room of DM) – Proofs available
  39. In 2003, Society Shri Ram Chandra Mission gets PAN and TAN numbers from Bareilly as Shahjahanpur falls in Bareilly zone. In 2004, a new PAN number is issued from Delhi in the name of the same Society with headquarters Chennai.
  40. In the year 2004 letters were written to Hon. Vice President of India regarding illegal arrangement forced upon the elected Working Committee of the Society. Proofs available
  41. Hon. Vice President directs the representation to The Principal Secretary, Department of Home, Govt. of U.P. (Action still awaited)
  42. Wrote letters to His Highness President of India. He ordered DM to act as per law. Proofs available (No action taken by DM)
  43. Letters to Prime Minister and reply from PMO came after 3 reminders ordering Chief Minister, U.P. for enquiry and report (CM orders further to District Magistrate, Shahjahanpur, Principal Secretary, Department of Home, U.P. and Principal Secretary, Department of Law for ) (Action still pending) Proofs available
  44. On 19.6.2004 and 9.8.2004 an illegal order was passed by Registrar stating that Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari is President of the Society - Proofs available (Case pending at Allahabad High Court for review of order) (Not taken up for over a year)
  45. Influence of Chari on the courts due to presence of retired judges and sitting judges, retired Police officials, businessmen as his Working Committee members. Proofs available
  46. Chari also files fabricated constitution of the Society at Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.
  47. D.M. illegally orders without consideration of our written statements and acting against the provisions of law on 31.3.2006.
  48. On 2nd April 2006, during the illegal arrangement time, (i.e. 10am to 12 noon) about 150 people led by Uma Shanker Bajpai, Retired IG, Retired Justice R.R. K. Trivedi, Retired IAS Prabhat Kumar Sinha, sitting IAS, Pankaj Kumar Sinha and many others including D.M. Office’s staff Shri Ravinder Sinha (stamp clerk) entered the Ashram with arms, and attacked the mother of Shri Navneet Kumar Saxena aged about 60 years and Shri Amresh Kumar, Ashram in charge aged about 65 years in presence of Police and Administrative officers. Proofs available (newspaper cuttings) (They were manhandled and mobbed and pushed out of the ashram)
  49. The hurt were taken to District Hospital, Shahjahanpur and given first aid. – Medical Reports annexed – Proofs available on net.
  50. FIR was refused to be lodged by the local police Station, S.P. Office and DM Office (Stating “no one will file your FIR in Shahjahanpur)
  51. High Court quashes the order of DM dated 31.3.2006 and orders to go to lower court for relief. (Even when High Court had the option of deciding on anti status quo order) – Proofs available.
  52. In Lower Court arguments were held on 19th April 2006 for FIR to be registered. Order was passed on 24.4.2006 relying upon order passed by High Court on 25.4.2006 (Case still pending to be taken up).
  53. The date of disposal of the Writ Petition was on 24.4.2006. Thereafter the file was sent to the record room and the copies applied by the petitioners or any other person were delivered by the copying section only when the file after orders were transferred on 25th April 2006. No copies taken by P. Rajagopalachari group but same being deposited on the earlier date i.e. 24.4.2006. (Hearing took place at 1.00 PM on the W.P. filed by us at Allahabad High Court and order sheet was attached at lower court on the same day at 12.00 noon before the first hearing at High Court could take place).
  54. Forcibly taking in possession the licensed gun of Shri Puneet Kumar Saxena, Legal Adviser and Working Committee Member of the Society and S/o Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena, and personal vehicles, property papers, documents of Shri Puneet Kumar Saxena and Smt. Amita Kumari Saxena and the Ashram in charge, Shri Amresh Kumar.

Some misappropriations of Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari during the last 20 years.

  • Taking Trademarks and copyrights in US at California with its headquarters at Chennai, thereby floating a parallel organization.
  • Going against the set up and system laid down by Babuji Maharaj, the Founder President of the Society by
    • Changing headquarters from Shahjahanpur
    • Calling himself as President which is against the Constitution and by laws of the Society.
    • Calling himself as Master which is also against the wishes of Babuji Maharaj and His Guru Lalaji Maharaj as written in Babuji’s diaries.
    • Running the Mission as a commercial organization which is again against the wishes of the Founder President. Babuji made the Mission for the welfare of humanity and to be devoid of commercial activities like building townships, etc.
  • Collecting of funds in the name of Shri Ram Chandra Mission.
  • Writing absurd and obnoxious literature which is against Shri Ram Chandra Mission’s philosophy and preaching.
  • Misappropriations of funds being collected in the name of Shri Ram Chandra Mission by self and his family members in their personal business.
  • Misguiding people at large in the name of spirituality.
  • Attempting on life of Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena and his family members.
  • Repeated threats being received from Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari’s associates.
  • Making another society Sahaj Marg Foundation and collecting funds in that Society in the name of Shri Ram Chandra Mission.
  • Threats being given regularly by Chari and his people on life of family members of Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena. FIR already been lodged with the Police Station at Shri Ram Chandra Mission Thana, Shahjahanpur Proof available.
  • There is a school running by name Babuji Memorial Public School Society, in the premises of Ashram at Shahjahanpur, which has been forcibly closed down by the attackers of cocus group of Chari since 2nd April 2006. (Future of students in vain)
  • Trying to stop this website based on their parallel set up in the same name Shri Ram Chandra Mission registered at California by misguiding NIXI also recently. Arbitrator in the same was appointed against the Arbitration Law of the country. We have requested NIXI and arbitrator to wait until the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India decides the matter and passes order. But we have so far no response. Our complaint is already filed at NIXI. Awaiting response

Document extrait du website de la SRCM de Shahjahanpur, aujourd'hui disparu (juin 2007)